Heroic robots!

Originally conceived as “May the Fourth”/”Star Wars Day” tie-in content, this was repurposed as a general social media post with existing video.

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

VIDEO: A Walk on Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant’s Wild Side

Safety always comes first at the Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (PCAPP), for the protection of the people working on the project, the surrounding community, as well as all the wildlife that call the Pueblo Chemical Depot home. From tarantulas and wasps to protected migrating birds and bobcats, the facility takes care to work around nests and avoid disturbing any sensitive wildlife – even if it means limiting or pausing operations at the plant.

The Gutenberg and the Bad

A longtime WordPress user’s rocky first steps outside the Classic Editor plugin

Let’s talk about Blocks.

I updated my sites to WordPress 5 pretty early on, but kept the Classic Editor plugin in place to stall the use of the new Blocks editor, aka Gutenberg, for a while. Finally deciding it was time to move on from these “training wheels” and embrace the change, I deactivated Classic Editor a couple of weeks ago on Nerdvana and have been trying to get used to the new way of things.

I’m still trying.

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Pueblo Plant Hosts International Chemical Weapons Council

This was primarily an editing and social media content contribution.

New Bechtel Pueblo Team Manager Keeps Momentum

Contributions: interviewing, fact-gathering, writing and social media content generation

VIDEO: Colorado Residents Learn About Static Detonation Chamber

My first video production for the Pueblo Chemical Stockpile Outreach Office is about a series of Pueblo County community meetings on the topic of Static Detonation Chambers.