Using WordPress and the Participants Database plugin, I was able to take a list of 30 unsolved cases compiled by crime reporter Nick Bonham and quickly publish them online as a searchable, expandable database called Steel City Cold Cases. User engagement has consistently exceeded by already high expectations for this content.

Steel City Cold Cases

Flash presentation, created with Adobe InDesign CS6, of a “12 days of kindness” story by Mary Porter in The Pueblo Chieftain. The design is based closely on Ann Boyden’s beautiful print layout. I’m just getting my feet wet with this tool, and dusting off the concepts of Flash design, so I adapted the principles in Terry White’s tutorial for creating an interactive portfolio in InDesign CS5. Now if only InDesign CS6 had full HTML5 export … I ran the text as a simple narrative in our mobile app and created a photo slideshow version on our mobile website. (12/16/2012)


I created a Flash presentation to illustrate the story of “Snaketown,” an archeological site south of Chandler, Ariz., that was important to the understanding of the Hohokam culture. Project included mapmaking, timeline creation, story packaging and use of audio and video resources. 2009 winner of the first-place award for multimedia package in the Arizona Press Club’s metro division




I have used a combination of HTML and Flash to produce static pages of content tying together new and existing resources.

pools project