Movie theater’s practices are hastening its demise

In the last year, Pueblo’s Tinseltown theater finally received some much-needed upgrades, such as luxury stadium seating that cinemas in Colorado Springs already long had offered moviegoers. But since the renovations were completed, fewer special events have been offered to the cinema’s customers. I used to enjoy attending many of the one-night screenings offered in tandem with Fathom Events, for example, but such things now are rare here. If I want to see the 40th anniversary screening of “Alien” on the big screen in mid-October, I would have to drive a half-hour to the north now.

Considering also that Cinemark — Tinseltown’s owner — and Regal Cinemas are planning to increase the number of commercials that play before the pre-show movie trailers, according to Deadline Hollywood, you really have to wonder if the company is trying to accelerate its own demise.

The TV in my living room gets bigger, cheaper and fancier each time it’s replaced, after all. Special events such as the ones Pueblo customers no longer enjoy are just about the only thing movie theaters have left to offer that we can’t get delivered right to us in the comfort of our own homes. Theater managers would do well to take note of what sets them apart — before it’s too late.

Published Oct. 9, 2019, in The Pueblo Chieftain “Letters to the Editor”

Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant Regains a Containment Area After Thorough Cleanup

Heroic robots!

Originally conceived as “May the Fourth”/”Star Wars Day” tie-in content, this was repurposed as a general social media post with existing video.

The Gutenberg and the Bad

A longtime WordPress user’s rocky first steps outside the Classic Editor plugin

Let’s talk about Blocks.

I updated my sites to WordPress 5 pretty early on, but kept the Classic Editor plugin in place to stall the use of the new Blocks editor, aka Gutenberg, for a while. Finally deciding it was time to move on from these “training wheels” and embrace the change, I deactivated Classic Editor a couple of weeks ago on Nerdvana and have been trying to get used to the new way of things.

I’m still trying.

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When and how to use Excel and Dreamweaver together for data tables

Building tables in HTML is easy, especially with the building tools Adobe Dreamweaver offers. But what if you have a lot of data in a spreadsheet that you want to quickly get online for others to see, without entering it all into tables by hand? That’s where Microsoft Office’s Excel can lend a helping hand.

It’s just a quick little tutorial I threw together using PowerPoint screen capture and Premiere Pro to dust off my video editing skills, and illustrate a concept I teach my Web Design classes at Pueblo Community College. I hope it’s helpful!