Infographic: Pueblo County marijuana cultivation licenses

My first attempt at a news infographic in some time:


The raw data (below) was intriguing, but needed a visual boost. What I came up with, I hope, helped a little.

MJ by the numbers
SF= Square Feet
MOPC = Medical Optional Premises Cultivation
RC = Retail Cultivation Facility

RC=88 SF=658,029.00
MOPC= 22 SF=143,825.00
TOTAL= 110 =801,854.00


RC=27 SF=3,000,450.00
MOPC= 6 SF=858,909.00
TOTAL= 33 =3,859,359.00


RC=39 SF=221,794.25
MOPC=5 SF=68,158.00
TOTAL=44 =289,952.25

RC=10 SF=1,059,047.00
MOPC= 1 SF=240,000.00
TOTAL=11 =1,299,047.00

R.I.P. Karen Wittmer

Saddened at the passing of Karen Wittmer, publisher at the East Valley Tribune since before I started there (1998) through 2007.

Wii package gets Nintendo Power-inspired newspaper play

I recently adapted a couple of posts from my Nerdvana site, looking at the Wii Virtual Console in light of the Wii Shop Channel’s planned shutdown and how to make the most of it, for The Pueblo Chieftain’s “Tech Thursday” page.

Chieftain graphic designer Jennifer Tate did an amazing job capturing the classic look of old Nintendo Power magazines with her nostalgic layout! You can check out the print version below.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

VIDEO: Scenes from the Star Wars Celebration floor (4/24/2017) Droids, cosplay and LEGO creations were everywhere at Star Wars Celebration, April 13-16, 2017, in Orlando, Fla.

Star Wars Rebels’ Vanessa Marshall and Dave Filoni on Hera’s journey, Rogue One and general issues

(5/6/2017) Vanessa Marshall describes discovering her Star Wars Rebels character Hera Syndulla was name-checked on the big screen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Rex returns in Star Wars Rebels Season 4: ‘Now he can be something greater’

(5/6/2017) “Rex is like, in a very real way, the common man, the common soldier.”

Star Wars Rebels: Thrawn triumphant going into Season 4

(5/6/2017) Grand Admiral Thrawn stands to be more dangerous than ever in Star Wars Rebels’ fourth and final season.

Click here for more coverage of Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

Award-winning videos from 2016

A video I shot and co-produced with Pueblo Chieftain reporter Peter Roper won second place in the multimedia category of the annual Better Newspaper Contest at the 2017 Colorado Press Association convention. “Remembering Hiroshima’s Empty Streets” featured World War II U.S. Army veteran Bruce Elson recounting his experiences in the Japanese city of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb explosion that helped end the war. The video was edited in Adobe Premiere CC.

I also edited “Columbus Day: Pride & protest in Pueblo,” which won second place in the breaking news video category and was shot by reporter Jon Pompia. The video was edited in iMovie for Mac.

I’m also proud to add that The Pueblo Chieftain was named Best Website-Daily in its category!