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There is much still to learn about Threads, including what its place will be in the social media strategy toolbox ...

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Threads is still in its infancy, but everyone has an opinion on Meta’s new text-based social networking app that piggybacks on Instagram.

Consider this a notebook dump of sorts …

  • Managing multiple accounts, right now, is a bit of a nightmare. In order to switch profiles, you have to “log out” of the iOS app (not really, though — you don’t need to re-enter your password to log back in). It’s no more cumbersome, really, than switching between Instagram profiles in the native photo/thirst app — but it is an extra step, and it’s too easy to get lost and post to the wrong profile if you’re not careful.
  • One readily apparent strategy for sharing content is to re-post Threads posts to Instagram. Normally, I’d share an article by creating an Instagram post of some kind, then share it in a Story and use a link sticker to push people to the article. (Right?) Threads simplifies that a bit by allowing you to share Threads posts directly to your Stories (although I often still add a link sticker, just because it’s what The Followers may be used to seeing).
  • BUT! You can also share Threads posts to a regular old “photo” post on your Instagram Feed, but this basically turns the Threads content into a flattened image (and also saves it to your iOS device’s Photos) — which you can then, I guess, share to a Story with the link sticker, etc. if you prefer?
  • I removed (changed) the WordPress Featured Image on a post that I had shared, and where that image was in the Threads post is now a blank, white square. Twitter, Facebook, et al retain the image I shared, even if I change it on the shared URL (unless I use Facebook’s Debugger tool to refresh the share attachment).
  • The iOS app likes to crash — like, a lot — while sharing links from Safari, at least. (Ed.: OK, it’s not just Safari; it happened also while sharing an article from The Washington Post’s app.)

There is much still to learn about Threads, including what its place will be in the social media strategy toolbox. What’s been your favorite trick or insightful observation?

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